Here are some frequently asked questions :

Q: What is the Solvay Finance Club (SFC)?

A: The Solvay Finance Club is a Club that wants to give specific knowledge to people and especially to its member through conferences, workshops, challenges and companies valuations.

« An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. » – Benjamin Franklin. 

Q: How can I buy Investment Fund’s shares?

A: You have two opportunities per year. In the beginning of each semester you will receive information on our facebook/instagram on how to join the Fund. Stay tuned !

Q: Do I need to be part of the Investment Fund to take part in the Club’s activities?

A: For the conferences, it does not matter whether or not you are participating in the fund. But there are some activities such as workshops or challenges that are exclusively restricted to the Fund’s investors.

Q : How do I redeem my money back?

A : At the beginning of the semester, it will be possible for investor to get their money back from the fund ( ± profit/ loss). Information on how to get your money back will be posted on our facebook page.

Q: Is it possible to join the team?

A : Yes but you need to have at least one share in the Investment Fund. It is also required to be in the Club for the last semester before you apply.


For more specific questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.